another fact of Super Junior awkward couple – Yekyu

Both Yesung and Kyuhyun have beautiful voice. Both are main vocalists in Super Junior. There’s many fans of these vocalists claimed that their favorite is the best. Yesung’s fans think that his voice is the best otherwise, Kyuhyun’s fans think that his voice is the best. Yesung is the first rounded members in Suju. He was included into Super Junior 05, the first project of Super Junior. Kyuhyun joined later after they released their first album. From the first time, Kyuhyun was neglected by many fans. Not many SJ fans recognized him while, Kyuhyun got much attention after they won on a Music Show and after he got an incident.
According to SMnet staff Yesung got 9th for his handsomeness while Kyuhyun got 10th. Further, Kyuhyun ranked 3rd for his voice while Yesung got the 1st. both Yesung and Kyuhyun are in great sub unit KRY. Yesung is the leader while Kyuhyun is the magnae.
Kyuhun is a tall member while Yesung is shorter than him.
Yesung is a sensitive person when sleeping. He may wake up easily when he hear alarm clock while Kyuhyun is a dead person when sleeping. Kyuhyun always set his alarm clock but never wake up by its sound. Yesung, whose his room is quite far are distracted by the alarm, wake up easily, go to Kyu’s room, switch off the alarm, then wake Kyu up. If Kyu does not wake up he just leaves.
Yesung looks younger than his age while Kyuhyun looks older. Yesung seems to be Kyu’s younger brother (this yaa -___-).
Both are the real OST kings. They sing many OST. Yesung sings more OST and has hit OST. Kyuhyun gains more attention even though he joined later. Kyuhyun never shows his shirtless body to public even once while Yesung showed it a little. Not much like other members. Both are very shy persons.
Kyuhyun is a heavy drinker. He likes drinking alcohol. Otherwise, Yesung can’t drink a lot. Once, he said that a half bottle of soju is enough for him.
Yesung and Kyuhyun called awkward couple cause they’re usually looks awkward when together, cause both of them is too quite. Kyuhyun sometime bullied Kyu, but Kyuhyun respect Yesung so much, he even write Yesung with formal way on his part of 6jib thank’s to. He wrote thank’s to : Yesung Hyung while he wrote the other member without hyung (except leader ^^). ELF also caught their sweet action sometimes 🙂
here some sweet cute #yekyu pics >< enjoy~
edited by me @kareinajasey

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