Young Saeng and Baby Hyung Jun sent off Kyu Jong to military T^T

Kim Kyu Jong leave on today, July 23 to Jeonju Division 35 training base recruitment center for 4 weeks to receive basic training and after serve in the public service. He will be the first to join the military out of the group SS501.

He  had some time with his fans before entering the training base.
Last month, Kim Kyu Jong on his official homepage of his enlisting announcement. He wrote,
“The reason that I am writing this letter is because I am being enlisted in July. I wanted to personally tell you my pretty fans.”
Also on the June 3, he held his last fan meeting where the other members of SS501 also attended to show their friendship.
photo via: kyujongfacts


look at baby jun’s eyes, tearing up T~~T



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